Steam Marines 2 has alpha launched!

Steam Marines 1

Squad-Based Tactical Roguelike in for Windows, Mac, and Linux featuring:

  • 2D retro-styled art and turn based action.
  • Procedurally generated levels and destructible terrain.
  • A squad of marines fighting on a steampunk spaceship.
  • Brutal difficulty over multiple decks and New Game Plus.
  • Get a Steam key no matter where you buy!

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“Steam Marines is a dark and compelling game, which will force you to learn to play the hard way and make you deeply regret every mistake you make.” - The Indie Hut

"“There are a lot of tactics. It's such a brutal game and it makes it even more brutal that you didn't realize how brutal it is when you start. Then you realize you died because you made one, literally one, wrong move.”Indie Games AAA

“Players must control their Steam Marines and try to get as far as possible through the ship’s elaborate, procedurally-generated levels. When I say 'try', I really do mean it.” - The Wargamer